Name: Uyara Pahins Coelho
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 09/09/2020

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Jacqueline Albino Advisor *

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Dieter Carl Ernst Heino Muehe External Examiner *
Fabian Sá Internal Alternate *
Jacqueline Albino Advisor *
NILS EDVIN ASP NETO External Examiner *

Summary: This work aims to determine the role of sedimentology and the gradient of the beach face on the flooding processes of Regência, Comboios and Barra do Riacho’s beaches, located south of the mouth of the Doce River, in the municipality of Regência (ES) , which present a high degree of exposure to incident waves and different morphodynamic characteristics in response to fluvial input. The results found describe beaches with thick sediments, steep gradients and characteristics that classify their morphodynamic state as intermediate, in the case of Regência e Comboios, and typically reflective in Barra do Riacho. It is observed that the different typologies and the flood potential are directly related to the proximity of the mouth. The Regência beach, closest to the mouth, has a greater potential for flooding due to the presence of finer sediments and less accentuated gradients, in turn, the beaches of Comboios and Barra do Riacho, further from the river mouth and with a high degree of exposure, present thick sands and high slopes, WHERE more reflective beaches are observed and without potential for flooding. In this way, different from what is expected for beaches close to river mouths with a high supply of heavy minerals, the granulometry and not the composition of the sediments of these beaches acts in determining the construction of the beach profile, due to the morphodynamics associated with the high degree of exposure of these beaches. Therefore, fluvial inputs on many exposed coasts distribute sedimentation due to the action of the waves, so that the thin load can be incorporated to the coast by other coastal processes such as coastal drift, concluding that exposed and high energy beaches have constructive profiles and reflective characteristics independent of the thin load brought by the river supply.

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