Name: Mauro de Castro Lima Filho
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/04/2020

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Valéria da Silva Quaresma Advisor *

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Alex Cardoso Bastos Internal Alternate *
Giseli Modolo Vieira Machado External Examiner *
Valéria da Silva Quaresma Advisor *

Summary: Important source of natural resources, food, transport, among others, the continental margin is a region that requires many studies as it also encompass domains that involve possibles geohazards and significant human occupation. The Brazilian coast is characterized by wide geological, geomorphological and sedimentary diversity, being the study area in the southeast region, WHERE the Doce River delta stands out in terms of supply and sedimentary dynamics. Linked to this sedimentological diversity and to eustatic variations, some deposits have characteristics that differ from the current hydrodynamic regime, presenting different granulometries and textures, being classified in some works as relics sediments, deposited in different environments or energy regimes than the current one. Given the importance of this region, there is a lack of more specific studies to understand the main implications of transport agents on these grains and the relationship with the eustatic variations that led to these depositions. Thus, the present paper evaluated the main morphological and textural characteristics of the sediments in the area, especially those considered as relics, using, among others, techniques applied with the binocular loupe and the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Through the applied methodology, it was possible to identify relict sediments and to interpret them as deposits of the Doce river paleosystem, highly energetic at the time, highlighting the neotectonic and eustatic connotations for the northern region of the state, as well as the importance of evaluating the natural processes of systemic way to understand better its dynamics.

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