Name: Patrick Rissari Coelho
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 23/03/2018

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Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella Advisor *

Examining board:

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Anders Schmidt External Examiner *
Camilah Antunes Zappes Internal Examiner *
Gabriela Carvalho Zamprogno External Alternate *
Luiz Fernando Loureiro Fernandes Internal Alternate *
Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella Advisor *

Summary: The Ucides cordatus (Linnaeus, 1736), semi-terrestrial crab endemic to mangroves, with relevant socioeconomic and ecological role, being heavily exploited in several brazilian regions, either as a source of food or income to traditional communities. The objective T of this study is to evaluate the influence of fisheries exploitation in Ucides cordatus stocks over the mangroves from the Vitória Bay. For the study will be established fixed plots 5 x 5 m (25 m ²) for determining the population density (ind./m ²) in different areas of capture of land crab. The technique of direct count of burrows will be based on the observation of those who present biogenic activity (e.g., tracks, droppings, accumulation of mud). Measurements will be made of the diameters of gallery openings, using digital caliper and later, the conversion of the values that represent the smallest diameter in individual width Ucides cordatus. Also will be carried out ethnographic interviews with support of semi-structured questionnaires in order to characterize the extractives communities, through its main techniques of capture, principal areas explored in the activity, the commercialization of the land crab and the perception of the traditional gatherers on the State of conservation of stocks of land crab in the mangroves.

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