Name: Karen Otoni de Oliveira Lima
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 25/10/2018

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Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella Advisor *

Examining board:

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Gilberto Fonseca Barroso Internal Examiner *
Leila de Lourdes Longo External Examiner *
Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella Advisor *
Renato David Ghisolfi Internal Examiner *
Viviane Fernandez Cavalcanti External Examiner *

Summary: Knowledge of the population dynamics and pattern analysis of growth of mangrove seedlings are used as subsidies for ecological understanding of mangroves. The two demographic variables that are considered basic and necessary to characterize the dynamics and to assess their ability to recover from any population after a disturbance are recruitment rate and specific mortality. Among the methods available to assess the growth of seedlings, the growth curves promote best interpretation because they involve adjusting regression models to estimate the growth rate of individuals. This study aims to evaluate the population dynamics of mangle seedlings, their ingress and survival of cohorts. These data were used to select and compare linear and nonlinear models. The models estimate the best parameters to describe the growth curves of the species. In 2008, we established three areas of study in the mangrove on the river mouth of Itaúnas, Conceição da Barra, Espírito Santo. In each area we were demarcated plots in fringe forest WHERE each specimen was marked with plastic tags. The density and height of the seedlings were monitored monthly and evaluated by cohorts. Dates of salinity were collected in situ, dates of temperature and rainfall were registered by Meteorological Station of São Mateus. The integrated analysis of population data will determine the pattern of input and mortality in the plot by each species. Thus, changes in population structure in long time and the model that best represents the growth pattern of individuals will be identified. We expected which analysis contributes to the understanding of the functioning of mangroves in climate change situations.

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