Name: Ninive Soares Silva Servare
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 25/06/2018

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Ana Teresa Macas Lima Advisor *
Gilberto Fonseca Barroso Co-advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Ana Teresa Macas Lima Advisor *
Gilberto Fonseca Barroso Co advisor *
Maria Tereza Weitzel Dias Carneiro Lima External Examiner *
Renato Rodrigues Neto Internal Examiner *

Summary: ICOLLs are extremely sensitive to human intervention, especially in relation to stress associated with increased nutrients and contaminants. Thus, traces and main elements (measured by ICP-MS and XRF), organic matter, total organic carbon, C / N ratio, total nitrogen, total sulfur and phosphorus were determined in a sediment sample from Carapebus Lagoon, Serra, ES , Brazil, with the objective of identifying significant anthropogenic influences associated with the evolution of land use in the hydrographic basin of this urbanized ICOLL. This lagoon suffered a transition in the origin of deposited sediment that motivated a change in its hydrodynamics. The C / N ratio results indicated that the deposited sediment was mainly derived from plankton at a first moment, then the main source was plants of higher plants, consistent with the large deforestation that occurred in the basin, finally the lagoon became heavily influenced by the discharge of domestic sewage. As for hydrodynamics, the disordered urban growth in the basin motivated the more frequent closure of the lagoon bar, which is currently open mechanically to avoid flooding during rainy periods. This transition was accompanied by discharges of untreated sewage leading to organic and metallic enrichment in recent years. In the last years, the incremental factors were Ag (max 1.44, Cd (max 0.42, Cr (max 60.78 , Cu (max 22.32, Pb (max 3.73 -1), Se (max 12.93 -1) and Zn (max 41.24 Thus, this study alerts to chemical and physical changes in ICOLLs derived from deforestation and urbanization.

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