Name: Aldo Marcello Costa Bicalho
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/03/2018

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Ana Paula Cazerta Farro Advisor *

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Agnaldo Silva Martins Internal Examiner *
Ana Lucia Cypriano de Souza External Examiner *
Ana Paula Cazerta Farro Advisor *
Luiz Fernando Loureiro Fernandes Internal Alternate *
Maurício Hostim Silva Internal Alternate *

Summary: Guiana dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) is a small cetacean, widely distributed and
endemic to the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean, being easily observed in the
coastal and estuarine regions. The information related to this specie in Brazilian
waters is scarce and punctual, so the objective of this study is to know the ecology of
the Guiana dolphin in the estuary of Piraquê-Açu and Piraquê-Mirim rivers, Aracruz,
ES. In Brazil, the specie is vulnerable to the conservation of its populations. The
monitoring of the estuary to evaluate the presence of the Guiana dolphin was carried
out by means of two methodologies: fixed point and embarked. Fixed-point
monitoring was performed weekly at two sampling points, lasting five hours daily per
point, between April 2016 and May 2017. Embarked monitoring was performed
monthly at six sampling points, each lasting five hours between July 2016 and July
2017. The environmental parameters evaluated were hydrogen-ionic potential,
surface temperature of water, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, wind speed,
precipitation, level and type of tides in all points of the monitoring by fixed point and
of the monitoring embarked. Ethnographic interviews were carried out with 30
artisanal fishermen who work in the north coast of Espírito Santo and with 30
crabmen catchers who work in the region of Aracruz. The occurrence of Guiana
dolphin was verified in the estuary and presented a seasonal variation, with greater
presence of the specie in spring and summer. The entrance to the estuary was
favored by the flood tide and the preferential use of the habitat was for locomotion
and feeding. No correlation was verified between the analyzed parameters and the
occurrence of the specie in the estuarine environment, except for wind speed. The
local ecological knowledge of artisanal fishermen and crab catchers regarding
Guiana dolphin coincide with that described in the literature and with that observed
during the monitoring carried out in this research and add important information to
scientific knowledge about the specie. The local community's positive outlook
regarding bluefin tuna represents an important tool for management and
conservation proposals of the specie in the region.

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