Name: Vanessa Cusini Spinassé Bromenschenkel
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 02/12/2016

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Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella Advisor *

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Camilah Antunes Zappes Internal Examiner *
Mônica Maria Pereira Tognella Advisor *

Summary: The Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) Municipal Piraquê-açu and Piraquê-Mirim is located in estuarine system of Piraquê-açu and Piraquê-Mirim rivers, in Aracruz (ES). Mangroves are a very important ecosystem to traditional people living in their surroundings and that have subsistence by natural resources. The land crab Ucides cordatus is considered one of the species most abundant in Brazilian mangroves. Despite the land crab be considered important species to the mangrove ecosystem and livelihood resource for various traditional and indigenous communities, there is the need to develop constant studies on the population in order to contribute to management of the Reserve Management Plan Sustainable Development. Others studies on land crab in this estuary system show important date and indicated the requirement for our current analyzes. The present study will help the sustainability actions of the use of the resource, ensuring the maintenance of inventories at adequate levels. This study made samplings in 18 fixed plots (10 x 10m) in fringe and basin forests during the low-water spring tide. We counted open and closed burrows to obtain data for the density of the species and their moulting period. In the plots we evaluated the diameters of burrows, in order to estimate the sizes of individuals. We collected some specimens randomly in the plot and determined the sexual ratio. We also evaluated environmental parameters such as salinity of the burrows, collected sediment to analyze the organic matter and particle size composition (grain).

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