Name: Fernanda Vedoato Vieira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/02/2017

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Alex Cardoso Bastos Advisor *

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Alex Cardoso Bastos Advisor *
Gilberto Menezes Amado Filho External Examiner *

Summary: The continental shelf is a physiographic unit that marks the transition between the current shoreline and the continental slope. According to the type of sediment, continental shelves can be classified as siliciclastic or carbonate and / or mixed when both systems coexist. In these environments morphology and sedimentary patterns of the seabed are controlled by several factors, as physical processes, sediment input, relative change in sea level and tectonics. The continental shelf of the Espírito Santo presents different physiographic features, making it possible to compartmentalization into different sectors according to the features and coexisting morphologies. Specific studies were carried out along the platform, but due to lack of detailed information on the distribution of sedimentary facies, the morphodynamic processes are still poorly understood. In this context, the aim of this study includes the investigation of sedimentation processes along the Espírito Santo platform in order to understand the contribution of the different factors in different space-temporal scales. In addition, we intend to understand how morphological and geomorphologic changes may modify or even condition the observed sedimentary patterns. Therefore, bottom sediments data (van Veen) were collected throughout the platform, together with geophysical data including background profiling (StrataBox) and with bottom imaging side-scan sonar. These samples were collected along transects perpendicular to the coastline, spaced about 10 km, with sediment sampling points starting at the isobaths of 10 meters, every 5 meters deep, up to 50 meters isobaths. Totaling 346 sediment sampling sites and approximately 1400 km of geophysical survey. Sedimentary samples were processed for particle size characterization, compositional characterization of carbonate content and heavy mineral content, making the definition of a map of sedimentary facies. The results become important to characterize the physical agents that will influence the sedimentary regime behavior on the platform.

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