Diagnosis, monitoring and management of coastal and marine environments

Field of study: Marine and coastal systems


Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
Biodiversity and trophic functioning of marine benthic communities in mangroves in the state of Espírito Santo: potential bioindicators of environmental quality 01/08/2012 24
Carrying capacity assessment of cage fish farming on lakes 01/04/2011 88
Cultivation of Spider Crab Stenorhynchus Seticornis (BRACHYURA: MAJIDAE) until sexual maturity 01/02/2010 24
GeoAPA Detailed Study of the Oceanic Bed in the Interior of the RVS of Santa Cruz, APA Coast of the Algae and Immediate Surroundings of 2000 m 03/02/2014 24
APA Costa das Algas Detailed Study of the Oceanic Bed in the Interior of the Santa Cruz RVS, APA Algae Coast and Immediate Environment of 2000m 13/03/2017 30
Do mangroves function as filters for natural or polluting materials? 01/08/2015 36
ECOHIDRSMA Ecohydrology and integrated management of water resources of the fluvial-estuarine continuum of the Santa maria da Vitória (ES) river 01/01/2011 24
Ecology of Fish in Sandy Beaches along the Espirito Santo coast 01/01/2011 24
ECOTOXES Ecotoxicological evaluation of iron ore in Perna perna larvae (Linneaus, 1758) 01/08/2009 12
ECOMYS Ecotoxicological evaluation of the oil and its fractions using Metamysidopsis munda (Crustacea: Mysida) 01/01/2011 24
MARGUARA Environmental Assessment for the Implementation of Mariculture Project in Guarapari-ES 01/10/2015 12
AMBES Environmental Characterization of the Espírito Santo Basin and northern portion of the Campos Basin (Pelagic and Physical-Chemical System of Water and Sediments) 01/08/2012 24
Environmental quality of coastal systems: lakes, lagoons and estuaries. 14/05/2019 84
IMARUFES Evaluation and Monitoring of Marine Environment Impacts Caused by Mining Reject Material 01/02/2016 60
Evaluation of the impact of maritime seismic research on fish and melon behaviour 01/04/2010 24
Fine sediments in estuaries and continental shelf: formation and dynamics of deposits lamosos 01/01/2010 103
CarbonMangue Mangrove sediments as carbon sinks: quantifying carbon burial and its relationship to the ecology of estuarine benthos 30/01/2014 24
LixoMar Marine litter in coastal and ocean environments 17/04/2019 96
CVT Mesophytic reefs of the Vitoria-Trindade chain: characterization of marine communities and reef health status 10/01/2014 24


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